Intelligent Rail Integrity System 6 Апрель 2015, 07:46

QinetiQ North America’s Intelligent Rail Integrity System (IRIS) is a rail iris_cover2monitoring solution for continuous welded rail (CWR), is a network of remote sensors that monitors track integrity.

The IRIS Sensor Unit (SU) is the cornerstone of the rail monitoring system. Installed along CWR, SUs continually track changes in rail temperature and rail neutral temperature to monitor the track’s integrity. Collector Units (CUs) mounted on wayside towers collect SU data and broadcast information to a GIS-based web-accessible database. The application sends RTAs and TLAs to maintenance personnel when unsafe rail conditions arise. The intuitive user interface provides maintenance personnel with powerful geospatial overlays and query functions to identify high-risk rail conditions and their locations. The Configuration/Status Unit (CSU), a USB dongle that enables wireless communications with SUs, is used to configure system settings, query SU status, and download data.

IRIS primary functions include:

● Continuous monitoring of rail temperature and rail neutral temperature (RNT)
● Emergency notification of broken or buckled rail
● Rail Temperature Alerts when rail temperature exceeds preset thresholds
● Thermal Load Alert when difference between rail temperature and RNT exceeds preset thresholds
● Web-accessible data management capability with graphical output of the sensors as well as other safety and maintenance applications