Tactical Robot Controller

The Tactical Robot Controller (or TRC) is the latest innovation out of QinetiQ North America’s Unmanned Systems Group. The TRC is a lightweight, wearable controller that allows the Marine or Soldier to control a family of unmanned ground vehicles, various unmanned air vehicles, and unattended ground sensors – a wide variety of platforms made by different companies all controlled by the TRC.


● The TRC can control all of QinetiQ North America’s unmanned ground vehicles – such as the TALON, Dragon Runner, Robotic Bobcat, Raider and MAARS robots, as well as a number of third party, unmanned air vehicles like the T-HAWK™, Raven, Wasp, and Switchblade™.
● The TRC features integrated FalconView mapping capabilities to assist in flying UAVs and controlling UGVs through a single, common software program.
● This versatile new controller weighs less than ten pounds and is carried in a military MOLLE pouch attached to a warfighter’s body armor or a rucksack.
● The controller will soon be able to recognize the unique voice of its operator and, through voice commands, the user can control a robot’s navigation, cameras, and other features. However, voice commands are turned off when the operator selects weapon features.
● Unmanned air vehicles act as “airborne binoculars” when video is received by the TRC and can assist with target-locating, navigation, reconnaissance, and more.