QinetiQ North America Introduces LineWatch™ at Annual DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition

Smart grid innovation features “bird-on-a-wire” sensors for quick,
safe installation on the distribution grid 
25 Март 2015, 15:58
Waltham, MA—February 3, 2015 — QinetiQ North America (QNA) today introduced the LineWatch  electric power distribution grid sensing and monitoring system at the 2015 DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, California. LineWatch monitors low (600 volts) and medium (36 kilovolts) voltage applications. 

LineWatch measures fault detection, voltage and current to near revenue grade (.5%) levels of accuracy  and other key power line conditions. This allows utility companies to remotely monitor and manage their networks, effectively delivering an immediate, positive effect on operating expenses and customer 

The “bird-on-a wire” LineWatch sensors do not require a neutral connection and are installed using a  standard industry hot stick more quickly and safely than standard medium voltage pole meters. This reduces deployment costs and and the overall total cost of ownership. LineWatch uses a Cisco-certified 
IPV6 mesh design and accommodates other communications protocols via an Ethernet port or dedicated  Network Interface Card (NIC). 

“LineWatch enables greater grid awareness, enabling utilities to better manage their systems and  improve operating efficiencies while also improving customer service and satisfaction,” says Mark Federle, managing director for QinetiQ North America’s Smart Grid Solutions. “The ease and speed of 
LineWatch installation greatly reduces the total cost of ownership and provides the business case for  broad deployment of power line sensors across the distribution network.”